Events for 2022

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Sun, 2nd January, 2022 Epiphany 2021 Online Service The Journey of the Magi and the treasure that they bring... View Service
Sun, 9th January, 2022 Baptism of Christ 2022 Online Service Richard Iwanek reflects on the journey of the Magi.... View Service
Sun, 16th January, 2022 Epiphany 2 2022 Online Service Do Christians still believe in marriage?... View Service
Sun, 23rd January, 2022 Epiphany 3 2022 Online Service The joy of the Lord is your strength.... View Service
Sun, 30th January, 2022 Candlemas Online Service Anna and Simeon in the Temple... View Service
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Sun, 6th February, 2022 Fourth Sunday Before Lent Online Service Vocation and Ordination... View Service
Sun, 13th February, 2022 Third Sunday before Lent Online Service The year of Biblical Literacy... View Service
Sun, 20th February, 2022 2 Before Lent Online Service The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil... View Service
Sun, 27th February, 2022 Sunday next before Lent Online Service The Gospel of John... View Service
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Sun, 13th March, 2022 Lent 2 Online Service Love, hope and Christian Eriksen.... View Service
Sun, 20th March, 2022 Lent 3 Online Service Pilate and the Galileans... View Service
Sun, 27th March, 2022 Mothering Sunday Online Service Jochebed, Carment Labalestier, and other unlikely names.... View Service
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Sun, 3rd April, 2022 Passion Sunday 2022 Online Service The Supper at Bethany and the future Church... View Service
Sun, 10th April, 2022 Palm Sunday 2022 Online Service The Approach to the holy... View Service
Sun, 17th April, 2022 Easter Day Online Service Mary Magdalene born again (and again)... View Service
Sun, 24th April, 2022 Easter 2 2022 Online Service Whatsoever things are lovely... View Service
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Sun, 1st May, 2022 Easter 3 2022 Online service The Calling of Saul... View Service
Sun, 8th May, 2022 Easter 4 2022 Online Service Jesus in the Temple at the feast of Dedication... View Service
Sun, 15th May, 2022 Easter 5 2022 Online Service The Right to Choice and the Sanctity of Life... View Service
Sun, 22nd May, 2022 Easter 6 2022 Online Service Mission under the Guidance of the Spirit.... View Service
Sun, 29th May, 2022 Easter 7 2022 Online Service How many folk singers does it take to change a light bulb?... View Service
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Sun, 12th June, 2022 Trinity Sunday 2022 Online Service Wisdom in the Female Voice... View Service
Sun, 26th June, 2022 Trinity 2 2022 Online Service Truth Decay and the Railway Strikes... View Service
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Mon, 18th July, 2022 Cor Cei Community Choir at Llanina Church Our Community Choir Cor Cei is starting up again!Our first meeting is on Monday 18th July at 7pm at Llanina Church.Coffee, Cake and a little gentle singing!... View Service
Sun, 3rd July, 2022 Trinity 3 2022 Online service Can you be a Christian and a Conservative?... View Service
Sun, 10th July, 2022 Trinity 4 2022 Online Service The Good Samaritan and the churches' response to Covid... View Service
Sun, 17th July, 2022 Trinity 5 2022 Online Service Amidst us our beloved stands. Yo may wich to have bread and wine with you for the service.... View Service
Sun, 24th July, 2022 Trinity 6 2022 Online Service The terseness of the Lord's Prayer... View Service
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Sun, 14th August, 2022 Trinity 9 (14 August) 2022 Online Service Our online service returns after a brief break, caused by Matthew's illness and bereavement... View Service
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